Monday, 7 March 2011

28 days and counting

Recently I was lucky enough to be selected for a 28 day trial on the Jenny Craig program.
I think it has been around for a few years in the US but has only recently come to the UK - basically for the first time of ordering, 28 days worth of food is delivered to you together with a program bible, 4 week menu plans and most importantly a telephone call !! - where the advisors talk you through EVERYTHING and any questions you have they are there to help you, the only thing you have to add is the fresh fruit and veg and any starch, protein snacks you want to add,

now with any diet/healthy eating program my main concern is - 'am I going to be hungry?' but so far with the Jenny Craig program my only concern is ' WHERE AM I GOING TO PUT IT ALL !!' I am used to bulk buying with having a family of 5 but there is seriously so much food - Im on day 1 at the moment - this along with my running there will be nothing left of me ! - I cant wait !

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Living the Good Life

After a Loooooonnngggg break Im back !

Ressurecting this blog .......and do you know what ......Ive missed it !

hot much has happened during the hiatus, nothing spectacular to blog about, so Im starting afresh with a new look- so thank you for sticking with me if you are still here and welcome to any new readers.

The family mindset had changed gradually over the past few months and ill let you know more on that coming soon

So Welcome back and I look forward to sharing my family life with you ........all over again x

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Out of the mouths of babes

Tuesday night - doing battle with my eldest over the dishwasher never a truer word said...

My daughter only has 3 main jobs that she has to do - Practise her cornet, do some reading, and unload/load the dishwasher.

At the end of the school year, all the kids get tired and ratty and to be honest dont want to do anything job-related, but as was with the reasoning on giving Aimee the dishwasher job, i think kids need to do the boring jobs so that they learn that life isnt always sweetness and light, and so the dishwasher still needs to be done otherwise we will be eating off paper plates !

So Cornet practise was done, then the complaining starts......

I dont want to........... its your job

But its boring .............. it may be boring but boring jobs still have to be done

continued on in this fashion for 35 min - would loved to say that I was cool, calm, and collected but alas not... my arguement was if you spent less time complaining and using that time to get the job done you would have more play time

Any way in the end job was done....hooray!! so off to bed she went, forgetting that she had to make her bed,

Aimee: 'There arent any sheets up here'

Me: ' go downstairs and see in the dryer - thats what I was doing today, the boring jobs so you have clean sheets'


I was laughing that much - all I could say was ' isnt that what doing the dishwasher is??'

Made me think though..... thats technically all I do all day...

School Run - Move kids from home to school
Washing - Move clothes from one machine to the other
Cleaning - Move dust from one area to the other
Cooking - Move food from one place to another

Even when I go to work...... I move paper from one place to another

so basically a stand off on ONE job summed up my day completely,

My name is Andrea and I am a SHUFFLER ..... ho hum .......

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Im still here !!

How long has it been? I cant appologise enough its one of those- things happen, and then time goes on and before you know it weeks, months have gone past, so I cant keep appologising but its onwards and upwards so Im sure that I have lost many of my regular followers but for those who have stuck with me - Im back - ! and with the start of the summer holidays and 6 week holiday with the kids just around the corner Im sure that we will have lots of adventures to keep you posted with - and in the meantime I'll try and keep you updated with what has happened since - (if I can remember !! LOL )

Good to be back x x

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Make the most of every day x

Time waits for no-one
See the second hand move swiftly
And the minutes speeding on
Then the hours passing quickly
All too soon the day has gone
Always moving sure and steady
Certain as the endless tide
Father time is not your master
Let him always be your guide
Think of those whose days go slowly
Those whose moments creep along
Think of all the lost and lonely
Ofer hope to make them strong
Watch the minute hand still moving
As the hours slip away
Use each precious moment wisely
Make the most of every day

Thursday, 8 April 2010

gone but not forgotten

I'm still here!

I havent forgotten about this blog but at the moment I am on the last few days left before my Walking Marathon, and rest assured I have not forgotten about you but shhh........ my loyalties have been with another blog ! ......... OK its my other one, the training one, but with life, kids, training, fundraising (dont look at the total on the blog thats not right!) I havent had the time to keep this one updated... so appologies for now but for the time being join me across the cyber space at and see how our team has been getting on in the run up (or should that be 'walk up' !) to the marathon.... then I PROMISE YOU I will be back got lots to keep you updated on , the good and unfortunately the bad :( see you on the other side !!

Remember !

Thursday, 18 March 2010

No turning back now !!

Im officially in !!!
My Race number came yesterday #10737 makes it seem all that bit closer now - which it is of course 1 month away - Ive kept up with my training as much as I can through my coughs/colds/splutterings as well as the families germs and dealing with life in general - even through hubby sending me out on 10 mile walks and ignoring my pleas to 'come and pick me up' and .......'If you LOVED me you'd pick me up' but NO I had to walk the whole way !!
I must admit I am feeling better and have lost just under 2 stone in the process which is always a good thing - just a few more million to go now but we'll get there.. so now Im on the home stretch now then just the actual Marathon to walk (its ok if you say it quick enough :))

T Shirt that our nkotb team will be wearing:
Feeling so good that I am already looking for the next challenge - and I'm looking to run the race for life - debating whether to do the 5k or the 10k ? my thinking is - if I can walk a marathon it seems daft walking for 5k - so I think at the moment I'm going towards - - If I can run it (which is my next personal challenge) then I will do the 5k if Im still only walking I'll do the 10k - Ive still got a bit until I need to make my mind up so I'll let you know....