Thursday, 25 February 2010


Our eldest is now 9 (nearly 10 as she keeps reminding us !) and is wanting to start venturing out on her own to the local shops we are luck where we are because the shop is about 5 minutes away with one road complete with green man crossing, but that doesnt stop me for panicking every time she goes out of the door, but my head says that I need to start giving her a bit of freedom.

So before she goes out we always make sure she gives us the rules to make sure she knows what to do, we also make sure that she has her mobile phone CHARGED !! and kept seperately from her bag, but most importantly we have entered ICE into her contact list along with my mobile number - I must admit that I only found out about this service a year or so ago ICE stands for In Case of Emergency and is the first port of call any emergency service will use for an emergency contact.

Now all I need to do is to appreciate that she is growing up into a wonderful independant young lady, but my heart always wins and shouts out "but shes my baby" :(

Monday, 8 February 2010

yummy mummy Monday


After doing really well yesterday on my walk we are now a man down !!!

Suspected broken little toe/ pulled tendons :(

Got up this morning getting kids ready for school, bowl of rice crispies for baby, walking through, tripped over chair leg, rice crispies up in the air, put other foot down, SLIPPED on Spilt milk and went flat on my back hence the toe, I wondered where I was going !!!

So after picking myself up, trying to keep my dignity with the kids laughing at me - I am now 2 toes down luckily it was my little one so I'm not completely out of action !

Ho Hum this exercise lark is a doddle its daily life that gets me every time !!

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Thought of the day

I know its Sunday and I dont normally post on a Sunday but had a bizarre thought today.

I was doing my long walk as part of my training for the moonlit marathon walk and did my route worn out, legs tired - getting funny looks off people then realising Im singing along out loud to my mp4 (not good at the best of times lol) then getting home, having a bath, changed and then.................... having to go back out AGAIN in the car along the SAME route to find out how far I had gone so I could update my record - how bizarre and I was wondering how many other people go through all this ....hmmmmm that thought has kept me entertained all day ! walk went well by the way !!

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

30 day challenge

This should have been posted yesterday - I appologise !!

As part of my yummy mummy with no tummy ongoing saga, my gym, curves have issued a 30 day challenge to all members wishing to take part, we pay £5 to enter and are weighed and measured on 1st Feb then work out like machines for 30 days !! then get weighed and measured and the one who has lost the most inches (not weight) wins all the money and a t-shirt, so double incentive, one to lose the weight as we have 2 family parties in March and as you all know I have entered the Moonlit marathon walk so if I do win then all the money will go towards my sponsorship funds, so you will have to excuse me, I can write about exercise till the cows come home, but that doesnt get the challenge won !!!!! hup hup hup 30 reps 4 sets etc ..............