Tuesday, 2 February 2010

30 day challenge

This should have been posted yesterday - I appologise !!

As part of my yummy mummy with no tummy ongoing saga, my gym, curves have issued a 30 day challenge to all members wishing to take part, we pay £5 to enter and are weighed and measured on 1st Feb then work out like machines for 30 days !! then get weighed and measured and the one who has lost the most inches (not weight) wins all the money and a t-shirt, so double incentive, one to lose the weight as we have 2 family parties in March and as you all know I have entered the Moonlit marathon walk so if I do win then all the money will go towards my sponsorship funds, so you will have to excuse me, I can write about exercise till the cows come home, but that doesnt get the challenge won !!!!! hup hup hup 30 reps 4 sets etc ..............

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