Tuesday, 31 March 2009

The Other Love of my Life

Once upon a time many many years ago when I was only knee high to a grasshopper a pop group burst onto the scene sparkled so brightly and then left, left me in a wilderness until earlier last year when they announced they were reforming I was beside myself with excitement who am I talking about - New Kids On The Block - as soon as I heard I was like a teenager again - much to the entertainment of my hubby who has never seen me like this before and I finally got to meet them, paid an extortionate amount of money (which probably accounts for budgeting going pear shapped in previous post !!) by attended a meet and greet with them and finally got to meet my heart throb - Donnie Wahlberg !!!! I presented him with a Liverpool Football club shirt and then he wore it EVERY night in the last song of the show - what an amazing experience - cant wait to do it all again - will budget more carefully this time ! Lets Get This !! I love em x x x x

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