Friday, 2 October 2009


I know its not Thursday but I think that it is important, so am playing catch up, From now on Thursday is now Thinking Thursday - its all about taking 5min to just think about other people who may not be as fortunate as us - the Guiding Association have an annual Thinking Day where they think about other brownies and guides around the world.

Today I have a few people to think about firstly my thoughts go out to all the people devastated by the earthquates and floods in Indonesia and the Philappines, I cannot imagine what they must be going through -

Secondly, a little closer to home an article on North West Tonight last night was regarding families in Liverpool struggling to manage during the recent financial downfall and a charity has been set up for donations of food parcels (enough for 3 days ) to be delivered to the needy, I would love to help in some way and would love for this to be a countrywide charity so if Ican find the details of this charity I will post them on here and hope to get more recognition for this worthy cause.

Lastly, a fantastic may that I am following on Twitter (through my other account) called flossy the boss (@flossytheboss) is collecting clothes for the needy children in Ecuador through the foundation called 'The Shirt off Your back Foundation

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  1. I think that Thinking Thursday is a great idea! I also think you should head over to my blog and help save a boob.